Designs - Bobbing Along 2

My cat had some teeth out. And has stitches in her belly. And shaved knees. I call her "shin pads" now. She looks so cute.
I have an excuse for my inactivity, but it's such a lame excuse I may as well not say it. Oh, okay, you've convinced me. I've been embroidering. Trying to finish off a stich chart I've been making.
Oh, okay, I'll tell the truth. Well, the rest of the truth. Because I have been embroidering.
But no, it's actually because of Hayley and her husband. And Strawberry and Lemon and Blueberry. And Michelle and Michael.
It's my Sims. I am ashamed. It's just, I finally got round to putting Sims 2 on my laptop. And now I have an addiction.

design - multi striped layered ribbon dress, sheer spaghetti top
worn with - bangles, sandal boots (oh so with it, aren't I?)

design - Grecian style dress with blue edged front panel
worn with - ankle ribboned heels, blue gemstone necklace

Bonus news. Last day at work experience. I've come away with a "part time job" of sorts. So all is good. But I forgot to show my designs :( They are difficult to carry in such a small bag as I took, so I just left them... :( Maybe when I go back?


  1. You sketched really well, I love them both :) brilliant, XOXO

  2. I so adore your work - these sketches are gorgeous!! :)

  3. Gorgeous designs! I especially love those shoes in the second look!

  4. ohh your poor poody tat :(
    i hope she is okay :(
    and i LOVE the shoes in the second one :)
    Olivia x

  5. your sketches are absolutely amazing, love them all (the one with the red-haired girl is probably my favourite considering that's my colour-de-jour these days:))

  6. love the ankle ribboned heels!