Designs - Bobbing Along 3

Tomorrow will be my last day of school, before six weeks of holiday.
Thus, if I have 6 weeks of time to do stuff, I'm open for suggestions. Particularly if you live in London.
So, are there any sights I have yet to see, shops I need to browse, magazines I need to read, foods I need to eat?
I've actually got a plan, which is a bit confusing, but I'm planning on making a doll, thus I won't have all 6 weeks (minus time abroads it's more like... 4 weeks?). If you want, I can update you, as it may take over my designing in some ways (I feel so bad about not doing much, but I am doing some this week). So, tell me if you care, and if you don't just say "nooo, we don't want to see your fugly attempt at sculpting" :B

 design - scoop neck halterneck lifering dress, puff sleeved cropped blouse
worn with - knee high socks, patent toe heels

design - pleated skirt, off the shoulder two layer shirt, sailor collar
worn with - modified heel semi boots

Watching Sky 1 currently (Malcom in the Middle is like... nostalgia from the wrong country...) and the woman who says what's up next has a really nice accent. I don't know what it is...


  1. what can i say- amazing amazing amazing! The 2nd outfit is my personal favourite- soooo good! I Hope work experience went well did it? Im sure you are over the moon to be finishing for 6 weeks! Holidays woohooo, free time yipppeeeee. Head over to spitalfields market on a sunday morning and eat at storey deli- yumyum!xxxx
    fashion clocked
    I would love you to visit.xx Katie.x

  2. Those illustrations are so adorable! I'm voting for the eating suggestion. I loooove eating out, even when I can't afford it ;_;

  3. Amazing, amazing, amazing! Not only are your sketches beautiful, but also so inspirational!
    Follow your blog now:)
    And oh yeah, answering your question from the post about the coati: we live in New York (with all the zoo):)

  4. wowow , I love that first sketch!
    I wish I lived in London, you'll probably get so many suggestions on things to do/places to go your 6 (4) weeks will fly by! x

  5. Love both of your sketches, fabulous, I think making sculptures is a good idea for a holiday :)), wishing you a wonderful holz, XOXO

  6. a doll? that's amazing. with your talent and creativity, omg. that will be one heck of a doll ;)

  7. Hope you enjoy your 6 weeks! Londons great: I'm sure you'll find tons to do. There are seriously so many things to do: Portebello market, embankment, westfield etc.
    I would lov to see all the dolls you're planning on making!!

  8. Your sketches are gorgeous, I love the second outfit!
    Making a doll sounds amazing, I'd really like to read more about that!

  9. great post, i love that drawing!