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Dresses. Lots and lots of dresses. Lots and lots of pretty dresses. 
I really love the way everything touched the floor this year. And most of it had ruffles :) This is gorgeous, with the train and the layers and the almost messy look. And the fact that it's grey makes it extra hard to pull off, but Elizabeth Banks pulled off this Versace beauty very well thank you very much
You just have to look at Charlize Theron in this dress before you either 1) love it and want it or 2) think "ew misplaced genital boobs" Your choice
More beatiful ruffles, layers, asymmetry, trains and strapless dress with Demi Moore. I love this, it's Versace again and I wish it were mine. Even though I never wear nude. Or strapless. Or ruffled. See, that's how much I lust after it.
This is probably the brightest one I saw, but Maggie Gyllenhaal looks too cute in this printed Dries Van Noten number. Again, strapless, gathered and with a (tiny) train. The material looks quite rigid, strangely enough.
Don't you love Robert Downey Jr. With his sunglasses. And his tie. Honestly, love him. And her dress too. But I don't know much about it :(
Wearing Vera Wang, here is Mariska Hargitay. And she looks great. As in, awesome great. Ooh look, strapless with a train and gathering. Only black, which kinda swamps the detail :(
Sandra Bullock looked amazing. She's shiny. She's lacy. She's wearing Marchesa. She has flowers. And her dress reaches the floor. And has a train. OMG CLONES. Ethereal, beautiful clones. I love them all. Like they were my children (the dresses, not the people)

Successful year? I think so. I think so.

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