Japanese Designers

I have nothing against them. Honestly. To tell the truth, I love them - Japanese fashion has influenced me ever since I started - one of the ways I came across fashion was through Japanese anime and manga, and from there music. 
So I think I should make a post dedicated to their recent shows. I'm only showing Issey Miyake, Junya Watanabe and Yohji Yamamoto (as I wasn't very impressed by Tao's latest :( )

First up, Junya Watanabe - F/W 2010
I'm going to say the bad stuff first, then the good.
The hair. Honestly, I don't know who did it, but this
just reminds me of this

 And also the manliness. Some of the outfits, despite the flared hips, made the models look like men in disguise. Sorry, but I think it's true.

Much of the collection was gorgeous though. The use of khaki got a bit boring, but the shapes and cut of every outfit was wonderful!
I love this one - the knit jumper looks warm and cosy, but the skirt underneath makes the look airy and romantic - and again the khaki ^^
I like this. I don't know why, but I like the whole thing. The green messy cut thing, paired with a different tone poloneck, it just.... works for me. The clunky looking boots add to the military theme, but it still doesn't look violent. It reminds me more of a child at play, with muddy colours and oversized shoes, a hat shoved over unruly hair. Nostalgic
At this point we reached a serious khaki theme. The army prints contrasting with soft, flowing silhouettes, in dark colours. It's sort of surreal, with mismatched sources, the rigidity of violence fused with gentleness. 

Yohji Yamamoto
I liked this. A lot. Shirt dresses have been popular for a while now, but this takes it to a new level, almost eveningwear. The collection was mainly navy, black and cream, but it didn't seem to run out of ideas anywhere.
Another one to add to my list of coats I want. Shoulder pads may be fashionable, but hips like these take it somewhere else.
I don't know why, but I want this. The baggy trousers and suspenders thing. I could never wear it, but just owning it would make me a happy person :B It's quite a masculine look, but I think they pulled it off pretty well, and leaving the buttons undone makes it even more slouchy.
Pretty blue hair. And a pretty skirt. The asymmetry of it is not massive, but the diagonal pleats add a feel of movement to it. The net top is a pretty daring move, as it is simple and not embellished at all. It is simply a net top.
And the cream. This looks to me like somebody had made a beautiful strapless dress, added a double breasted jacket, and chopped the top off. A strange combination, but it works so well! It raises one question though - what do you wear over the top? Another jacket? 

Issey Miyake

I fell in love (again. I do this way too much with fashion) as soon as I saw the first picture.
JUst look at it. It's like, somebody has simply knitted the most wonderful, brightly coloured scarves in the world and thought "that's not enough". So what do they do? Stick them all together of course!
Is there no end to the awesomeness? Even the black bin bags posing as trousers look good!
Even when it all got a bit more sane I was in love. The pink details on this stand out so much, I think it would look equally awesome without the pink panelling. And those boots. They look like somebody has tied shinpads onto her legs with black string. Maybe it's just me. But I like.
Outerwear. Again, more on my coat list :) It's brown (good) it looks cosy (good) it has a big collar (good) it has pockets (good) it's amazing (good). So far, I can't score any bad points AT ALL. 

*pant* There. Finished. I can breath again. Life continues.

Also, sorry for any typos, mistakes and complete idiocy. It's just me.

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