The Final McQueen

I'm so glad they actually showed it, I was worried I would never see it.
I love how the theme from S/S 2010 has almost continued, with geometric snake print and the vivid colours. The exquisite top, everything about it meshes together into one piece, but if you look close you see so much detail.
The awesome way in which McQueen manipulated the fabric, with origami folds and almost solid shapes, seems an extension of the previous season, and the royal red adds, well, regality to it. I see this a story of a life - it makes me think of a young woman who works around the palace, her boots practical but beautiful (and awesome) and her appearance impeccable. Very British, old fashioned even, so different to the modern extremes of the S/S.
The story I see in this one is of Japanese royalty in England. The kimono like bodice, with a thick belt, fuses the old and the new, and the flaring sleeves just emphasise the effect. Again the boots and rich red, this whole piece has a medieval feel (which is obviously what McQueen was aiming for)
 This is one of my favourites. Well, so are the others I've shown, but still. I love the feel of the yellow tones, and the asymmetry of both the hem and the shoulders. I'm guessing the prints are of cathedrals or something, as I can see stain glass window type things at the bottom. The fabric is so well manipulated, and the shoes match perfectly

I really need to write less and make these a less irritating... longness...

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