Hermes and Miu Miu

I'm perfectly aware that Hermes should have that irritating accent on it for authenticity, but it'll take way to long to put it on every time. So for conveniences sake I haven't bothered.

Miu Miu

I am not the first to say this, but by no means will I be the last - Miu Miu is Prada's little, toned down sister.
Decided to be less irritating and compile the pictures. They're all from Style.com , as usual. Now, to me, some of this is love and some of it it hate. 
Love - applique on black (shiny and prettyful) , bold colours, interesting hem lines (pretty solid looking. I wonder if they used wiring), shoes (because because), lace (yum)
Hate - makeup (half of them look drugged up, the rest of them are psycho looking) , the bows (they look like they're made of the stuff some slings are made of. Basically skin coloured foam... which is probably what they are made of), dresses over trousers (sometimes this is okay. But in some of these cases, which I haven't shown, it just reminds me of P.E lessons, wearing ultra short kilts over jogging bottoms. Not good), uber scoop neck with boob tubes (in some cases I wouldn't mind this, but I don't think it works for me in this case)
Despite my abundance of hates (there are more loves, I just am too lazy to list them) this collection works as a whole, so I guess the bits I dislike make it what it is. A quirky, suggestive, romantic runway.
But I still prefer the S/S 2010 collection


 It appears to me that somebody agrees with Tally Ho! Mr Gaultier, we think alike (eek, scary!)
I love this. I love smart clothes on women, and manly tailoring is one of my favourites. The first one is a bit of a joke. It's like CatWoman, and James Bond, squished into one, with the cool gadgets stolen away. If that makes sense.
But the rest of it is quite cool. Until you reach the fringed tiered skirts. Or anything to do with fringe. Then it was a joke again.
The leather was quite nice, at least when it wasn't all over. I like a little bit of leather on my women, you might say. A skirt here, a jacket there. But a whole body of leather is a bit... kinky.
Typical Gaultier, this whole collection screamed fetish-wear, but in a way that was wearable. It seems to me that Savile Row has just met Soho, but despite the overkill of leather in places, the tailoring is simple and smart. 
There may be lack of taste, but there is no lack of fun

Aaaaaaaaaaaand, in other news, ChloƩ. It was *drumroll* nude. As always. I've always liked their adverts in magazines, so much more down to earth than any others. But their clothes are also, a LOT more down to earth. A bit too earthy for my liking.


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