DESIGNS - Requests

They've been a long time in coming. You asked about them a month ago. I said okay. I had them done 3 weeks ago. So here they are.

Dear darling dears, I present to thee, a show by Titania Thomasian... For you, fashion clocked

 fashion clocked is one of my first loves, an absolutely amazing person with an equally amazing blog! She's always helpful, and if you like her, show your appreciation and say hi :B She has cool sunglasses and nice legs and very funky bags and shoes and awesome nail colours...
I hope that you like it ^^ There was no specific them, just the idea of "fashion, clocks, my recent post (long long ago)" and maybe some other stuff...

And as some of you may know, I quite like Lady Gaga... And so does Candy :)
She, like me, designs clothes, but hers are specially for Lady Gaga. Sorry to be bigging all these people up, but I think she deserves more apreciation than just me, so, if you wish, go and give her some love (and get some back if you're lucky)

This is actually my illustration and development of her idea - there was an idea of... an egg bra thing, with a sausage down the middle, both on a t-shirt. I think her idea was a black or white t-shirt, and I'm sorry if you don't like it Candy! :O

In other news, have you seen this wonderful tribute to me :D Yes, stolen off Style Bubble but still...
Now if only I was mentioned there, that would be wonderful ^^

But yeah, I love the little prints and the way the shorts button up and how each piece could be taken and mixed and matched and it still would look amazing. I'm just upset it's only a few looks :(
It's funny, but in art in year 9 we did screen printing... and I did a sunshine with a face and a rain cloud with lightning and rain (much like my shoes) and if you look at those amazingly cute outfits.... sunshines and clouds and pretty stuff! Just like mine :D
See, I'm convinced it was ALL my doing :B

PS. to the two bloggers who these designs are for (and any later), you may take and use these as you please. If you wish, I will send a larger, un-watermarked copy to your email... Also, permission to cut up and crop, as long as I am linked/given due... respect? I forget the word...
And to everybody else, hands off!


  1. oh wowwwwwwwwwwwwwwww my lovely! I am absolutely over the moon with this little illustration outfit and genius! It's amazing and I LOVE IT!! The shoes- the legs the earrings everything. I will be putting a huge thanks in my next post and if that's fine and you are sure- popping this gem on my page for all to see ASAP!
    The ladygaga outfit is insane too- brilliant work.xxxx
    fashion clocked call by for a GIVEAWAY. katie.xxx

  2. love this post :)

  3. wow awesome designs!
    very innovative

  4. OMG...I stumbled upon your blog and I am so glad that I did. I love all the illustrations that you have made here! I love making illustrations too, but since I haven't had any formal training, my illustrations never look this good. You are very talented! I am following your blog now.


  5. You're such a fantastic drawer! Little bit jealousy over here!

    Love, E

  6. the one on anna liv's site was amaaazing.

    the gaga outfit you did looked sooo yummy, haha. =))


  7. WOWOWOW! AMAZING!! I am BEYOND impressed! :D

    Classique chérie

  8. Your drawings are stunning. Talented alright! Lovely blog x

    Stop by sometime, New post up :)

  9. love the clock shoes. and your drawing are awesome.

    visit, leave your mark, follow?

  10. hiii so cool blogg i love it!!! (=
    if you follow me ill be happy (=


  11. i thought of some LOVELYYYY photoey things to do on sunday :) LOTS of them involve roses :P
    1. throw rose petals in the air and take a picture like, dancing in them as they fall down (gonna be kinda, difficult xD)
    2. stand looking deep and in love with the world, like, holding a flower
    3. lie on the grass, looking 'I LOVE LIFE'-ish
    4. sit eating strawberries/drinking some sort of tasty looking thing, e.g. ice cream float
    5. stand amongst the plants in a sorta, 'mmm, NATURE' way
    6. tend to a flower, like 'ooh, all flowers are my children' way 8)
    7. smell a rose, as if it was the most beautiful smell in all the world

    and that's all i got to :)
    i hope you appreciate my exceptionally LONG comment :) this is why i didn't send a text cos this would be about 20 texts long :/

    and OUTFITS!!!
    1. pink dress - i'm thinking maybe for like, the strawberries one?
    2. floral jackety thing - maybe for the tending to flowers one, with a watering can and headband
    3. pretty floral dress - smelling the rose :)
    4. several other things..... i'm sure we can decide at the time ;P

    and OOOOOOOOOH i'm thinking of getting a blog! you and fashion clocked have completely inspired me! i just LOVE the happy summer vibes from them! xD
    like, seriously! yours and hers are literally two of the best blogs i've ever seen! :D

    so yes, i was thinking of getting a blog. just to write like, general musings, pretty pictures... but mainly as a Tania-Tribute, so i can like, CONSTANTLY link to your site and be like, WOW, ISN'T SHE AMAZING!!!! i might even put some of the pictures you take up, i don't know?

    hmmmmmm well i am in a very happy mood! :D


  12. these are fantastic! very talented :)

  13. finally, the 'anonymous blogger' has a blog! :O
    YAY! http://something-like-roses.blogspot.com/

  14. Oh my God, how can i don't like our design? This's so beautiful...i don't think if i drawed it...i don't think i would like you, u're really gud,...i love it much, thank you very much Tania...