Designs - Uzumaki

Despues de mis examenes, voy a ver el tele mucho!

Honestly, I have an addiction to admit. I have spent WAAAY too much time watching TV this past week, watching 14 hours in the space of about... 60. Although that makes it sound like much less :B

design - hooded halterneck dress with origami motif and ruched bodice
worn with - gathered arm warmers, open heel platforms

design - I'm not going to explain this one, as it's confusing to talk about and much easier just to look and see.
worn with - shell shoes, ruffle dip dye sheer things bag

If you were wondering, my normal TV hour watchage is about... 2 hours... a week...
Dr Who, House (when it's on) and possibly Have I Got News for You, or Mock the Week... And sometimes older House episodes... or America's Next Top Model if I can be bothered... or Simpsons... maybe 3 hours then?


  1. I loooove Have I got news for you! Although I think it's gone a bit downhill in the last year :(

    Thanks for visiting my blog! x

  2. they probably do actually! it must be such a weird job if you think about it, always having to be thinking in the future...

  3. oh also-the person above is so wrong. have i got news for you continues to be awesome-the ones during the election campaign were so good!

  4. I IS SO JEALOUS :( being a freshman doesn't really give me much time for tv these days. still adjusting.

  5. oh tania, WHAT are you LIKE?! haha :)
    its fiine you've had exams so you are allowed to have a rest :)
    oooh i love that second one :D
    Olivia x

  6. i loveeeeeeeee the first shoeeee...its brilliant...pls sell this design to moschino or someone and have it made so i can buy it!! and wear it!! ... really freaking awesome..love the back of the foot too..