Designs - Requests 2

As you are oh so fascinated by my life, I'm going to tell you of it :B
I'm having my room re-done. It's been pink and blue and heart filled all the time I've been in this house (so about 8 years now) and I confess, although I don't like pink, I'm going to miss it. Okay it's a strange blue. Okay it's got cows and chickens all around the room. Okay I have that useless abomination (I think it's a... canopy fail?) but I'm going to miss it...
Oh who am I kidding, I can't wait for the change!!
I can have multicoloured dots! Or a monster over my bed (because I want to paint my own room :B My friend says she'll let me do hers, but it's taking it's time...)
I can have a cork wall, for mood boards! I can have shelves for all the crap which covers my floor!
I can't have a walk in wardrobe! (dammit) But I will have a balcony (because I have an extension which I can climb out of a window onto already....

design - off shoulder t-shirt, 2 tank tops, high waisted skirt
worn with - modified wedge peep toes, necklaces
I was requested a shorter person (by the shortest person in my class XD) It turned out as a normal person.... but I made the clothes kinda, short person flattering? I don't know!!!
design - tie dye shorts, asymmetric belted shirt, off the shoulder shirt
worn with - bangles, tote bag, arm warmer, neckaces, tie dye leg warmers, high heeled sandal transparent wellingtons (complicated but awesome)
What happens when you let me go with my colourful pens :D 
Going for a kinda, Woodstock feel... On the day I drew this, the year 13s from my school had their final day :'( And because my school is awesome, and everyone has great love for it, they have a special day, when they have an assembly and they dress up the whole school. This time it was Woodstock (I can't tell you the name of the school, but it fit in with the name rather well...) They get to decorate pretty much everything, so desks were all jumbled, the staff room became a Love Shack and there were peace symbols made out of giant connect four pieces in the quad. I love my school, the atmosphere is so nice :B

And, returning to my bedrooom......

But what does this all entail? The sad loss of a bedroom for "a week". That's my dad talking. The same dad who said that the conservatory would take 6 months. It took 2 years.
So, I'm chucked out of my room for a month, I'm guessing, at least. I'll blog, you'll probably get spammed with images of what's happening, and it's very sobering seeing your whole life packed into cardboard boxes. It shows you how much crap you own though!

In other news, I order thee to go and visit Olivia's blog!!!
You may remember Olivia as the beautiful young lady I photographed (gosh don't I sound professional XD) and I've been bugging her to get a blog/join mine for a while :B And now she has!!! I can't force you to, but I think she deserves some love - she had a post up, but it appears to have disappeared - it won't let me comment so I'm not sure what's happened, but if it works for you, I hope you like it!
EDIT: It's working for me now!


  1. Gorgeous illustrations! Your talent never ceases to amaze me. :)

    And how exciting about your bedroom! It sounds like it's going to be lovely. I can't wait to see pics!

  2. good luck on yer room i guess, lol xD as usuaaal, they're amazing. ;)

    and cool, i checked out her blog. :D it was great. :-bd


  3. Looooooove the shoes in the 2nd pic! Make them for me? LoL! :)


  4. OOH exciting times with the bedroom decoration- heaven i always love a bit of interiors! The drawings are incredible again- I am especially transfixed on the wedges and clear welly shoe- seriously this stuff is amazing!!!xxxxx
    fashion clocked
    would love you to visit me! katie.xxx

  5. Getting my room renovated is one of my hobbies...haha....I change the decor colors very often!

    Love your illustrations. The two shoes are really gorgeous!


  6. Thx for your comment ! The shoes were a bit awkward at first bc of the height of heel but I quickly got used to it ♥

    Mon Mode Blog

  7. Awh, what you gonna do to your room?
    oooh how exciting :)
    Thank you so much! I have three followers now! YAY! feeling ever so popular :P
    can't wait til tomorrow!

  8. hi,
    Shoes are incredibly beautiful and extremely creative, more such proposals.
    Wonderful post, love it


  9. love the clear shoe cover idea!!! ur insanely creative...cant wait for u to actually have these made and my feet to wear them!!

    much love