Designs - Requests 3

In a new room. I like it. I can sleep with my face right by the wall. In a corner. It's cosy.

I had the most amazing day today, which you will be spammed by soon :) I went to Olivia's house and we had a proper photoshoot type thing (though I wasn't too good at being professional, she did all the composition stuff really :S I just decided where in the shot she should be, and a few things like face and limbs at times) You're probably bored of me talking about her, but you're also probably bored of me talking about my bedroom :P

So here's something to bore you even more :)

She didn't request it, but as she was playing piano at school I just started drawing. I don't think it's something she'd ever wear though
design - keyboard minidress with sheer insert, under-shirt (I keep on thinking of shifty chat up lines - "I'd like to tinkle your ivories""Can I play on your keys?" They aren't even good ones!)
worn with - striped gloves, green knee highs, leg warmers, strappy high heels

Now this one is a proper one - for  Bea of You Got Me Sewn an amazing person (so nice in emails!) whose (who's?) blog I have neglected something awful lately :( I don't seem to have time to go through people's posts, need to utilise my blog lovin' account!
Just a nice simple illustration of her outfit in Blue Birds and Leopards. It's so refreshing drawing without designing, I like it
If you want to know what she's wearing, go check out the post! Also, artistic modification on the shoes as I could not see them properly :p

Yet again, email me (anybody who I've illustrated for) if you want either the scanned, unedited copy, or the one with the edited colours but no text/watermark. Sorry that I cannot give you the actual paper copy, but they're doublesided (paper saver me) so you'll be stealing somebody else's drawing too!
And again, if you are the "customer" feel free to use as you will, even though I'm sure you won't want to (the quality leave much to be desired)
Oh, and, the original scan is double the size, so no fear if you think it's small...


  1. Aha oh you make me smile :')
    this is lovely lovely lovely :D i feel so special, i have my own design :D i love it!
    and who wouldn't want to read about mee ? haha i joke :)
    thank you for your nice comment :)

  2. i love the piano look. :)

  3. Loving the piano inspired look! Get your designs on Gaga - she would love them! Ele from BORO x

  4. wonderful blog! you've got talent, keep it up!


  5. I love all of your new designs, they're so beautiful....I'll never "can" think they out,....I love them