Happy New Year

Virtual Champagne, toasting to a year yet to pass. It may be good, it may be bad, it may be absolutely terrible, or completely amazing.
Whatever way your New Year has started (hungover), whatever way your last one ended (drunk), whatever way you plan to carry on (come on, New Year's Resolutions!) I wish you the best, and I know that whoever you are, wherever you are, if you try your best this year, you can get what you want (unless it's a private jet. That might take a few years...).

So, what's your New Year's Resolution? And how long will you keep it up?
Mine is to learn 5 new Japanese Kanji a day, draw a new design EVERY day (I have missed SO many. When the 1 year anniversary comes, I hope to have at least 26 weeks - half a year :S ) and to cook more. Really.

So, best of luck, and most of all, Keep Smiling :D

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  1. Happy New Year! Hope your 2011 is amazing!