Let Me Know, Let Me Go

I've rather taken to giving up on blog titles, so if you read something completely random, don't worry about it!

Now, I am so far behind on these that I'm afraid to say I'm going to spam. Or skip a few. But probably spam. So prepare yourself for lots of posts this few weeks, sorry!

design - halterneck jumpsuit, strapless bikini
worn with - gladiator heels, bangle, painted wood necklace, pink diamond and crystal ring

Proud of this one :B 
design - argyle cropped knit jumper, crossover high waisted skirt with suspenders
worn with - brown net stockings and suspenders, quiver of bows, arrow, white suede stiletto boots

Thank you for looking, please feel free to insult any parts you dislike (I dislike the first one because it's not at all Noughts and Crosses related. And her wig looks awful!)


  1. the first thing, happy new year!
    i heard you got timberland boots! that rocks! haha
    draws are fantastic

  2. Great draws :)
    Thanks for your lovely comment <3

  3. happy new year lovely! awesome illustrations as always...kind of love the first jumpsuit and hello to the ingeniousnesss of the last one with the beautiful white booties too! Hope you have had a great christmas and recieved some sweet gifts.katie.xxx
    fashion clocked

  4. wow your illustrations are really amazing! keep it up!

  5. your work is amazing! keep awesome =)

  6. I love the Cleopatra hairdo. Very nice illustrations. Thanks for sharing and drop by me too when you have time.


  7. these drawings are beautiful - they remind me a bit of video game characters! <3