The End of An Era

A bit late, but Happy Chinese New Year!

I am sad to say that today (Sunday the 6th of February) Basically marks the end of an era.

It has been 1 year since I started my Weekly Fashion Designs, and approximately a year since I started my blog (yay ^^)

In these 52 weeks I have achieved 26 weeks worth of fashion designs, which amounts to (give or take the weeks when I drew double, or only a few days worth) 156 designs.

So, to mark this occasion, I'm going to just hurry up and post the designs from weeks 18 onwards :) I haven't actually scanned past week 19...

design - striped bikini, halterneck top, asymmetric belt up draped skirt, multicoloured strappy wedges

design - asymmetric jersey romper, high heeled thigh highs
 design - high waisted shorts, off shoulder shirt, pinstripe waistcoat, long socks, lace up open toe heels, umbrella (ella, ella)
 design - yellow silk strapless dress with slit thight and chiffon overlayers (this was the original starting point for my art dress),
gold ankle strap heels

Don't worry, there's much more to come! I'll probably be uploading in half week/whole week chunks, so be prepared for spam :)


  1. pretty yellow dress :D
    Olivia x

  2. thank u for the chinese new year wish , its never too late as long as you have to heart :)

    how have u been? i hope u still remembers me..i have been away from the blog world for quite some time

  3. TANIA! :D
    what's your devianart again?
    it's jade :)

  4. these are ABSOLUTELY stunning. i love your sketches, they're done way too well! :D


  5. ohmyy, it's been nearly a year since i last visited your blog.. your works are amazing as ever!! :) the only thing i'm wondering about is why aren't you famous yet?? hahahaha :D real talent, guurl!

  6. aybe you have a brand new or favourite skirt or pair of trousers to show off, or perhaps you just don't "do" dresses. Either way, you prefer wearing tops when you go out. But how to find an appropriate going out top

  7. I like the outfits.